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Data, Analytics & Business Process Consulting

Harness the power of data to drive your business forward with our Data Consultation and Analytics services. Let us show you how you can improve your business process and use technology to increase productivity.

Jerome Ware Voiceover Services

Professional Voiceover Services

Elevate your brand’s presence with professional voiceovers or other creative content that engages and compels your customer. Create a consistent voice that connects and resonates with your customers.

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Tailored Publishing Services

Discover new possibilities with customized publishing services. Elevate your company’s presence with personalized branded notebooks, planners, and digital products featuring customizable interiors and more.

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TJW Companies is a collective of three technology-based entities:,, and Our driving force is to empower small and mid-sized businesses with simple and effective technology solutions. Our focus on data-driven insights and IT expertise, helps us provide solutions to that enable our customers to unlock their full potential and achieve sustainable growth.

Our combined experience in data consultation, analytics, IT consulting, and content creation allows us to provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your businesses unique needs. We are committed to delivering exceptional results, collaborating closely with you to understand your goals and challenges.

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Simple Tech Answers took the time to educate our team on best practices, latest techniques and methods for extracting unstructured complex data. Definitely our #1 choice for custom applications.
Charles Moss

I used an excel template made by CN+J to create a One Year Planner and a One Year Prayer Journal. It saved so much time having all my calendar dates, images, text, and many other customizable features automated.

Elisa Summiel

Data & IT Solutions

Voiceover & Narration

Tailored Publishing Solutions

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Solutions For Companies of All Sizes

Tailored solutions for sustainable growth and lasting success.

  • Fixing data quality issues and inconsistencies
  • Consolidation of business data from various sources
  • Report & data visualization dashboard creation
  • Automation of data processing
  • Programming of business utilities
  • Custom QR codes with embedded logos & photos
  • Customized and branded publications and marketing materials
  • Process improvement solutions
  • MS Office Automation & Processes
  • Customized MS Office Templates
  • MS Office Training
  • Voiceovers  for videos, telephony, and training
  • Custom AI applications
  • Audiobook voiceovers
  • Technical support for audiobook publishing

Previous Solutions (By Industry)

Data analysis and model generation

TJW Companies provided consulting services to a manufacturing company to thoroughly review and analyze their data related to materials import and export. With our expertise, we successfully examined this data and devised an Excel model specifically designed for the customer. This custom model enabled them to reconcile material imports with exported products, effectively avoiding tax penalties that could have arisen from their international manufacturing facility.

Digital Services for Non-Profits

In a situation where a non-profit organization had limited access to their logo due to it being in a legacy file format unsuitable for their new marketing materials, TJW Companies stepped in and successfully converted the files into usable .png and .jpg formats. Leveraging their expertise, TJW assisted the non-profit in creating branded notebooks for an upcoming workshop.

Branding Content Generation

TJW crafted a branded planner as a promotional giveaway for a professional conference dedicated to life coaching experts. This thoughtful promotional item not only served as a practical tool for organizing schedules, setting goals, and recording valuable insights, but also effectively enhanced the client’s brand visibility and made a lasting impact on attendees within the life coaching community.

Tailored Budget Template for Movies/TV

By developing a customized Excel template, TJW provided the client with a powerful tool to efficiently plan special effects budgets on a scene-by-scene basis. The template allowed for customization based on different types of special effects and environments, enabling the client to streamline their budgeting process and achieve greater control and accuracy.

Customized Computer Programs to Automate Processes

One of TJW Companies’ clients, specializing in providing digital inspection data to construction clients, encountered a challenge when they received data in an unexpected format. Leveraging our IT and technical expertise, we successfully deciphered the data and developed a custom-written program specifically tailored to the client’s needs. This program empowered the client to automatically extract data and photos in the future, streamlining their inspection process and ensuring efficient and accurate data retrieval.

Audiobook Voiceover & Publishing Support

We have played a pivotal role in assisting new authors with the technical aspects of publishing their works on platforms like Audible. We’ve provided voiceover services along with valuable support in developing and formatting supplementary and promotional materials to accompany their audiobooks. This comprehensive assistance ensures that authors receive end-to-end guidance, from technical publishing requirements to the creation of compelling materials that enhance the overall experience for their listeners.

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